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Kids Get Published

Welcome to Kids Get Published!
Kids are smart, and they’ve got something to say. At Teaching With Class, we want to hear what they think. Click through to the blog to read book reviews, creative stories, articles, and opinions, all written by kids.

What We Do

Kids Get Published is a tool to foster engagement and excitement for writing and communicating in children. Nobody likes shouting into a void, and that includes kids doing their homework.

Kids Get Published means kids have a place for their writing to be read, making it authentic, meaningful, and responsive.


Want in on this?

Find Rebecca Gulka at

Teaching With Class

Email with questions at rebecca.gulka@teachingwithclass.com

How We Do

At Teaching With Class, we making writing about community.

We share and workshop and read out loud to each other. That builds enthusiasm for our writing and confidence in our abilities.

We’re proud of our work, and it ends up here, out in the community, being read.

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